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FOOD galore

this is a good food post.

home made pineapple tarts.

yup, they have paris bakery in ny. i haven't tried it yet. i was so delighted when i knew that there is paris bakery in ny.

colourful m&ms.



International Beauty Show. you have hair stuff, make up & what nots. i didn't buy much. only bought some nail polish colours. thats about it. it was a nice experience.

bday party

i got to attend a 9 year old bday party in nyc.

& all the kids are abc.frigging cute.

herald square & bjs

i got my mom to do my hair on the following tuesday before we went shopping at herald square.

NYC is not as glamorous as you might have thought

i'm saying hi to nyc after 5 long years. things have definitely changed. there are definitely more asians and chinese people around.

this is the first day when i touched down, my hair was chopped immediately after & i went to roosevelt mall.

to infinity & beyond //

i immediately grabbed hold of the chance to swim at the infinity pool when my twins invited me. fel's bf booked a night so i joined them. we swam from 5 to 7 i think. we wanted to wait for the sun to set and to take night shots. we were shivering in cold waiting for the night to come. looking at these photos makes it worth it. i wished my camera would have a underwater cover. i was so afraid that it might drop into the water while we take photos. so fel used her iphone to take the shoots. & after swimming we head to esplanade for thai food. where we then saw some fountain show at the marina sands, too bad we were at the other side.

all things occult

since i was about 15? maybe not... it was actually since 11, when i first started reading harry potter, i became intrigued by the occult, horoscopes, magick, crystals & tarot. etc. etc..

& recently, i've fallen in love with raw crystal rings that natalie intro-ed to me! because the crystals are beautiful when they are in odd shapes & colours.
it feels one & only.
& each ring has it's own magic properties.

& i was so excited when natalie told me that she is making them & selling them on her etsy shop, Eloise! 

there's styles for everyone. like the really chic ones made with pyrite stones. like how it looks, its magical properties include enhancing emotional & strengthen wills. bringing positivity & confidence in one. i could definitely imagine a confident girl wearing!

while this blue opal ring would conjure the image of a gentle and patient girl. it is worn to bring out inner beauty and would improve one's appearance. it's also …

it's been gloomy

it's been gloomy these few days. i liked it.

however, since i'm in antigua. i would really love for the sun to come out.


anyway i started to think about "knowledge".
i've always feel that i'm lucky to know. especially the "knowledge" i've gained over the past few years, living in different countries & meeting with people.
there's people with their book/media "knowledge", & then stereotypical wth "knowledge", & then the type of "knowledge" you show/tell/boast to people & then the ignorant ones would be bought, while the wise ones would probably just nod or sigh. it's always more wise to hear. conversations with people taught me more about the person themselves than what they are 'really' talking about.

now i would love to go to south africa someday, south america just to live. & connect with the people there.

so we get together.

yesterday i've got myself a lil. tipsy because it's one of the girl's birthday & the house celebrated for her. there was good food & chocolate cake. i had a great time meeting all the interns. we went to the casino after, where there was a karaoke night. and had a couple more drinks over there.

on monday i had my off and i went to town. it was quite interesting, basically reminds me of malaysia kampong area. of course shopping here is definitely not my taste. will update pics from monday when i have time.

and i look freaking fat in the photo!!! & i'm the only chinese there.

lights from clarke quay

these are photos from a few months back. when i went out with my beloved twins. we went shopping because i needed to buy some supplies before i went to ny to visit my mom. & then after shopping, we went to clarke quay for beer and chats.

now i'm so cravvving for thai food. som tam!!

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall! Who's the biggest fool of all?

Must be the girl who cant stop crying or maybe, its the girl who kept on trying.

you know what, in the end, singaporeans will always be singaporeans.

they belittle others....


while talking to more of the girls, i've realised there are different outlook for each intern. each has their own reasons for coming here. some might have regretted their decision. but most of them are having fun because of the the nightlife.

people at work are amused by my name. apparently it's a novelty for them to meet people with double names like mine. so most people somehow would know my name? i met more of the staff today. trying to match each person to each name and i'm really having much difficulty with it. grrrrr

anyway i met another three FO agent today. three of them reminds me of people i knew in china & they have similar positions in the FO so i think it's rather funny & coincidentally one of them has the same name as the one in china. the woman here…

Jump over things Day!

i took the leap & not knowing where i might land scares me.


today was the "first" official day i've been here. so far so good. first impressions of antigua when i reached yesterday. on the plane i saw hilly mountains. and then loads of land. practically no buildings or city. nice.....

and then i was recieved at the airport and brought to my new home. on the way, the sights reminds me of malaysia. land, cows, attap houses. there were loads of hotels that were halfway developed but closed down along the way. many of them look really nice. and then there was this island where all the rich and famous go. antigua is basically a very private island i think.

the best part was that i saw sunset. it was amazing. and seriously you can't get that in singapore because everything is blocked by high buildings. it was only a brief moment because i was in the car. maybe when i have some time i must take a picture of sunsets.

when i arrived at my house, …

sweet memories from vienna

looking back, i realised i had liked my vienna trip afterall.

three things that i liked about my trip.

firstly, sachertorte from sacher hotel was amazing. really amazing...

secondly, i was inspired by hundertwasser. when i went to visit his gallery, i expect i would enjoy it very much because i wasn't such a museum person. however through looking at his pieces, i realised i like his type of art and most importantly his values and thoughts. he is one that i admire and inspire to be. i like the way he thinks and i like this quote from him the most.

lastly, i'm glad that i chose to stay at a hostel alone without my travel buddies. i've made friends and stepped out of my comfort zone. it isn't that hard after all. especially, when i get to meet a really cute swiss guy.

vienna gave me good memories. i liked the place. however it is a place for me to visit not a place that i could see myself living in.

xmas dinner mit beckers

去年のクリスマスは暖かい。 外は雪いっぱい。私はじめてのワイートクリスマス。私たちプレゼントを持って、おいしい食べ物を食べた。幸せね~~~~

i wanted to feel how xmas is like in traditional european homes thats why i visited my friends family. it was a small family affair, which i really liked. exchanging presents and talking over wine.

the decor and table set up was lovely. ahhhh~ this is my actual first "white xmas". hehe.

sledging on xmas eve~

last dec, north germany had one of the heaviest snow ever! sledges were sold out everywhere. we had to borrow from our neighbour.

i had loads of laughter. i remembered envying and admiring those swiss kids sledging nearby my school the winter before. it looked damn fun, and it was! hehe

Xmas market in Cologne

i love germany. it's my most favourite place in europe. winter in germany is absolute fairytale like. xmas market were filled with lights and nice people, i get a warm tingly feeling inside. it is so wonderful, no wonder there's so many fairytales from germany.

mostly ate and looked at the miniatures, wishing that they are all mine. haha.

Cologne Dom


shopping for colours

i love colours. i can't help but to keep buying them.

they make me really happy.

i saw the biggest snowman

i was at koln in dec for xmas. this is the day where i went around pulheim for some snow loving. {結晶}