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since i was about 15? maybe not... it was actually since 11, when i first started reading harry potter, i became intrigued by the occult, horoscopes, magick, crystals & tarot. etc. etc..

& recently, i've fallen in love with raw crystal rings that natalie intro-ed to me! because the crystals are beautiful when they are in odd shapes & colours.
it feels one & only.
& each ring has it's own magic properties.

& i was so excited when natalie told me that she is making them & selling them on her etsy shop, Eloise! 

there's styles for everyone. like the really chic ones made with pyrite stones. like how it looks, its magical properties include enhancing emotional & strengthen wills. bringing positivity & confidence in one. i could definitely imagine a confident girl wearing!

while this blue opal ring would conjure the image of a gentle and patient girl. it is worn to bring out inner beauty and would improve one's appearance. it's also the birth stone of the air sign, libra.

this clear blue celestite is look absolutely gorgeous. i'm seeing a calm and undoubting girl wearing this. this crytal magic properties aids personal creative expression & for one to achieve a higher state of awareness.

at Eloise there are more wonderful rings & pendants available. drop by this link to see more of Natalie's creations!


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