FOOD galore

this is a good food post.

home made pineapple tarts.

yup, they have paris bakery in ny. i haven't tried it yet. i was so delighted when i knew that there is paris bakery in ny.

& i had sushi buffet. i dont really like buffet because i feel that i can never eat the value of what i paid for. the meal was like US$50 per pax, w tips & all.

not forgetting garrett popcorns whenever we are in the vicinity of 34th street.

now for some home food.

my mom's curry is so so good.

green tea ice cream mit waffles!

lobster! & brocolli. i like to eat brocolli, i can eat them everyday

nian gao that my mom makes. it's so good, chewy & crunchy.

these photos are taken throughout the weeks. so it's evident that you could see how much i loveeeeee sashimi. that i get to eat them every other week.

i like this cake/bread. it's banana & walnut. it's a starbucks recipe i got off the net.

green tea cheese cake. a revise version from ws's ny cheese cake recipe. i changed it by SPAMMing the green tea power.


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