Xmas market in Cologne

i love germany. it's my most favourite place in europe. winter in germany is absolute fairytale like. xmas market were filled with lights and nice people, i get a warm tingly feeling inside. it is so wonderful, no wonder there's so many fairytales from germany.

mostly ate and looked at the miniatures, wishing that they are all mine. haha.

i think we were munching on honig mandeln.

the miniatures are used to decorate and to illustrate the story of christ. they are so delicately made.

Reibekuchen mit apfel sauce! it's deep fried potato with apple sauce. yummy but i couldnt eat more than a piece because it's so so so oily.

bratwurst is a must try! really liked the currywurst. sehr lecker!

 soft, snow waffles. ふわふわ、雲みたい~{曇}

so many types of cookie cutters!

really beautiful harp inside the window. it reminds me of the story jack and the beanstalk.

nose for luck

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