it's been gloomy

it's been gloomy these few days. i liked it.

however, since i'm in antigua. i would really love for the sun to come out.


anyway i started to think about "knowledge".
i've always feel that i'm lucky to know. especially the "knowledge" i've gained over the past few years, living in different countries & meeting with people.
there's people with their book/media "knowledge", & then stereotypical wth "knowledge", & then the type of "knowledge" you show/tell/boast to people & then the ignorant ones would be bought, while the wise ones would probably just nod or sigh. it's always more wise to hear. conversations with people taught me more about the person themselves than what they are 'really' talking about.

now i would love to go to south africa someday, south america just to live. & connect with the people there.


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