Jump over things Day!

i took the leap & not knowing where i might land scares me.


today was the "first" official day i've been here. so far so good. first impressions of antigua when i reached yesterday. on the plane i saw hilly mountains. and then loads of land. practically no buildings or city. nice.....

and then i was recieved at the airport and brought to my new home. on the way, the sights reminds me of malaysia. land, cows, attap houses. there were loads of hotels that were halfway developed but closed down along the way. many of them look really nice. and then there was this island where all the rich and famous go. antigua is basically a very private island i think.

the best part was that i saw sunset. it was amazing. and seriously you can't get that in singapore because everything is blocked by high buildings. it was only a brief moment because i was in the car. maybe when i have some time i must take a picture of sunsets.

when i arrived at my house, which basically sits opp the facility, it looked like some banglah living quaters. i'm seriously not kidding. i got out of the car and i smell the sea. which i thought was quite nice and i kept focusing on that thought while hoping that the house wouldn't be so bad.

so now i'm typing this in my new home. which is sooooo much better than i expected. i have a room all by myself. and a shared bathroom with just 2 other girls. the MOST important thing is that i have AC! ny to antigua was like winter to summer. so can't live without AC.

so i met a few of the girls and i met more of them today. coincidentally there is a singaporean girl who is also here, and she studied in swiss too albeit another school. she showed me pictures of her school and it looked like hogwarts. not kidding. her school is up in the clouds (i wish imi was like that too). then i had dinner with her together with a girl from bavaria at putters. food here, apparently is not very cheap.

while waiting at the lobby today, i began observing people and i realised that i stick out very much. there's not many asians here. i think asians would probably head to maldives since it's much nearer. angmoh don't stick out as much as asians IMO.

so i'm going to start work tomorrow in the FO. not very excited though. i wished i could start in back offices. but i shall see. it's going to be only a month only. i need to sleep right now because i left my phone in ny so i have no alarm clock right now. have to make do with mac's widget alarm. so....good luck to me. x.x


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