Mirror, Mirror, on the wall! Who's the biggest fool of all?

Must be the girl who cant stop crying or maybe, its the girl who kept on trying.

you know what, in the end, singaporeans will always be singaporeans.

they belittle others....


while talking to more of the girls, i've realised there are different outlook for each intern. each has their own reasons for coming here. some might have regretted their decision. but most of them are having fun because of the the nightlife.

people at work are amused by my name. apparently it's a novelty for them to meet people with double names like mine. so most people somehow would know my name? i met more of the staff today. trying to match each person to each name and i'm really having much difficulty with it. grrrrr

anyway i met another three FO agent today. three of them reminds me of people i knew in china & they have similar positions in the FO so i think it's rather funny & coincidentally one of them has the same name as the one in china. the woman here are either so voluptuous (butt and boobies), or they are stick thin like a model (with good boobies and butts).

and today i went out together with another new intern to the nearest supermarket which was a good 20 minute walkaway. on the way we were offered a lift. but we declined, just in case we get kidnapped. it happens quite often for cars to stop halfway people trying to flirt/tease you. i had been working for 2 days and 2 days in a row, while walking home, there is bound to be something. so we continued walking, enjoying the nice country life while the sunsets. & then i want to slap myself for not bringing a camera to capture the moment. schiesse.

we bought so many supplies and it was quite heavy (and really expensive, not as ex as swiss but more than the states imo). so when we were walking home we were offered lifts and finally we accepted a lift from a fellow colleague. we ignored him at first until (not to be racist) i saw him clearly in the dark, then i recognise him as someone from the hotel. so yay~ we didn't have to carry so much things for such a long way.

i was so annoyed that i might not be able to find a route to run during the evenings. i mean since there's a possibility of getting kidnapped (with all the cars stopping). so i guess i'm going to control my diet and maybe swim at the beach. & double slap myself for not going to the beach even though i'm here for the 4th day (the beach is like less than a minute walk away).


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