NYC is not as glamorous as you might have thought

i'm saying hi to nyc after 5 long years. things have definitely changed. there are definitely more asians and chinese people around.

this is the first day when i touched down, my hair was chopped immediately after & i went to roosevelt mall.

f, i'm craving for cupcakes. i wanted to try magnolia cupcakes. but i never did. =( i MUST try it when i'm back. i'm also going to try cupcakes from buttercup bake shop because i bought the voucher from groupon. dylan cupcakes also look fantastic.

i also went for a dinner w mom& her colleagues. we had lobster and what nots. & the fried rice was da bomb~ i'm a huge sucker for fried rice.

& the following monday, i went to bj's. its bascially a huge warehouse wholesale outlet. they had cheap food and what nots sold in bulk.

airplane fly past very often & they are so near

no kiddin,

they are HUGEEEEEE (no wonder people here are voluptuous)

look at the condition of the road. obviously the people here don't pay taxes. hehe

this is what i ate in the evening. noodles w peanut sauce. it's unlike the satay noodles we have in singapore. it's like peanut butter w noodles. not a huge fan of it. but peanut butter lovers would love it alot.

and oh, i seriously recommend you to try this snack. especially the cheese flavour. it's soooooo addictive. i could finish a pack within 3 days. i've yet to try other flavours though.


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