sweet memories from vienna

looking back, i realised i had liked my vienna trip afterall.

three things that i liked about my trip.

firstly, sachertorte from sacher hotel was amazing. really amazing...

secondly, i was inspired by hundertwasser. when i went to visit his gallery, i expect i would enjoy it very much because i wasn't such a museum person. however through looking at his pieces, i realised i like his type of art and most importantly his values and thoughts. he is one that i admire and inspire to be. i like the way he thinks and i like this quote from him the most.

lastly, i'm glad that i chose to stay at a hostel alone without my travel buddies. i've made friends and stepped out of my comfort zone. it isn't that hard after all. especially, when i get to meet a really cute swiss guy.

vienna gave me good memories. i liked the place. however it is a place for me to visit not a place that i could see myself living in.


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