xmas dinner mit beckers

去年のクリスマスは暖かい。 外は雪いっぱい。私はじめてのワイートクリスマス。私たちプレゼントを持って、おいしい食べ物を食べた。幸せね~~~~

i wanted to feel how xmas is like in traditional european homes thats why i visited my friends family. it was a small family affair, which i really liked. exchanging presents and talking over wine.

the decor and table set up was lovely. ahhhh~ this is my actual first "white xmas". hehe.

if i'm not wrong, this was pumpkin soup. yum yum.

i like to eat the purple veggie, Sauerkraut, it's a traditional german dish.

rabbit meat~ it taste like chicken.

the next day we had a small tea party and then i headed down to the train station to catch the train to vienna. so i spent my xmas day itself on the train. when i arrived at vienna, after a 13 hour long train ride, it was already morning.


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