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cruise under the night skies

i will probably never forget this night when i went a lil bit overboard. & the dj wouldn't stop yapping.

5 tiny fishes.

sorry for the delay. i wanted to blog this trip like forever. it was reunion week for the returning guests. so i was invited (more accurately, i invited myself) to go on a snorkeling trip with the guests.

it was an interesting experience. we were supposed to head down deeper waters, but the waves were to strong so we had to go snorkel at a beach. there were small reefs but nothing impressive. but it was a great first time for me. hehe. i would def do it again.

i love how we ride the seas with wind blowing here & there. & of course the music!

headed home & i got sunburn on my shoulders after that.

luxury hour.

there's a reason to not stay out of the sun.

we always head down to our own "private" beach. after work to get a lil. sunshine.

my home & my 'neighbours'

i'm living in a banglah looking house.

& i dont really complain because i get a room all by myself with air con & we have hot water.

i think thats a luxury when some of the homes here do not have hot water.

wish & ring

Popular folklore holds that the wearer should make a wish while putting the bracelet on, and rub the beads every day. When the bracelet finally comes off, the wish is believed to have come true.

herehere, and here

my 2nd week into weddings!

so whose your friend tonight?

a bday/welcoming party & a night out to putters.

Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.

i'm a stone throw away from the beach (dickenson bay). so after st johns we headed down to the beach for a swim. as it was cloudy the whole day, we thought that there will not be a nice sunset. but oh boy, we were so wrong! the clouds made sunset even more intense. i really loved it.

my first greeting from antigua

i dont know if anyone have been anticipating my first post (after a month), from antigua.

these photos are from the first off day i had, i went to town, got a phone and basically walk around & 'shopped'.

this is town for antigua. it's really rural compared to singapore. it's like some parts of malaysia.

harry potter exhibition

during the last week in ny, i went for the harry potter exhibition. it showcase artifacts from the movies. i liked to see how they recreated the rooms of various characters. it's quite interesting. however, i can't take photos inside, which was a disappointment.

this is a lazy song for me


Brooklyn Bridge

we had a hearty breakfast at brooklyn & then we were off to take pictures at the bridge. we ended our day with a shopping trip at macys.