5 tiny fishes.

sorry for the delay. i wanted to blog this trip like forever. it was reunion week for the returning guests. so i was invited (more accurately, i invited myself) to go on a snorkeling trip with the guests.

it was an interesting experience. we were supposed to head down deeper waters, but the waves were to strong so we had to go snorkel at a beach. there were small reefs but nothing impressive. but it was a great first time for me. hehe. i would def do it again.

i love how we ride the seas with wind blowing here & there. & of course the music!

headed home & i got sunburn on my shoulders after that.

"gas station" for ships

this man was trying to send a SOS to the other sailboat for beer.

this is giorgio armani's house. if i'm wrong it's the white one on the left of the blue.


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