my first greeting from antigua

i dont know if anyone have been anticipating my first post (after a month), from antigua.

these photos are from the first off day i had, i went to town, got a phone and basically walk around & 'shopped'.

this is town for antigua. it's really rural compared to singapore. it's like some parts of malaysia.

 this is the tourist information centre.

these girls are eating kfc & perched on a grave.

i like this house. because there are banana trees & sugar cane growing out of it.

this is a gas station.

a movie theatre....

there might be some things that are similar to singapore (like right hand driving). since, both sg & antigua used to be ruled by the british. yet it is so interesting to see how two different countries developed & branched out through the years. i see antigua heavily reliant on the american tourist market. maybe it's the same for most part of the caribbean.

i have my fair share of 'culture shock', like the clubs/mothers day. i love/hate the way things are done over here. the cost of living is so so so much higher over here compared to sg, even though the living standards are not as high imo. of course, living in such places makes me feel more blessed. yet at the same time, i do envy their lifestyle as well. but if i do have to choose, i guess i would still prefer sg. afterall, i'm still from the city. so i really can't imagine myself staying here for 5 years.


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