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free flow alcohol might not be a good idea....

weddings in white.

Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and the unsullied heart she now yields to the chosen one.

work & all

pictures from work.

twilight wedding.

it was an affair of more than 140 pax. it's considered a large wedding here. i wonder what would they react to thousands that we have back in sg.

young & married.

certainly you must have thought alot before you walk down this commitment.

they were cute & all. I still remember their names. I did their wedding.

can't help but wonder whether have they considered much.

sweetest couple ever.

being in weddings, you get to see alot of different type of couples. sometimes we also do renewal of vows where couples come in & renew their vows.

this was a real special couple i think i'm going to remember their names. the lady came in & wanted to have a surprise for her husband.

so on that day, we had him coming down to the location thinking that he was attending a complimentary photoshoot. & then "surprise".

i really enjoyed my time with them when they invited us for their cocktail reception because they started sharing their stories. it's amazing how they give so much to each other & how selfless they are in the relationship.
& this is what i strongly believe what made their relationship so beautiful. through their stories, i could see how much they give to each other. like, the man surprised her for their 25th anniversary to the resort. & on their wedding anniversary day, he laid down a photograph album of their wedding on their coffee…

half moon bay & devil's bridge

we had off together & we decided to explore a new beach. it took us almost 2 hours by bus. this island is sooooo inaccessible if you dont have a car

half moon bay is amazing. the water is so freaking clear. & it's quite shallow. plus you get to see fishes swimming around.

our packed lunch. & we were waiting in KFC at about 9:55am for it to open at 10am.

the art of hitchhiking

singapore is like "civilization" compared to antigua.

weeks ago, we wanted to head down kfc for dinner (fyi, there's only subway & kfc on the island). so we decided to hitchhike. it was much fun.  we got ride from our apartment to kfc. & a ride from kfc to the supermarket, & back home from the supermarket.

& the last two rides we got were from taxis. basically we took the taxi without paying the taxi driver.

we were really lucky to meet such nice people. =)

ps: if u can see from the picture. my legs are terribly scarred by mosquito bites. & it's much more drastic now. mozzies here love asian food.


dinner at bayhouse w two friends that i've only met for a month. it was such a pity that they left. i still do miss them.