half moon bay & devil's bridge

we had off together & we decided to explore a new beach. it took us almost 2 hours by bus. this island is sooooo inaccessible if you dont have a car

half moon bay is amazing. the water is so freaking clear. & it's quite shallow. plus you get to see fishes swimming around.

our packed lunch. & we were waiting in KFC at about 9:55am for it to open at 10am.

the beach is dirty in some parts, with washed up seaweed & all. what i was told that it happens every now and then. & the seaweed would disappear. it's part of mother nature's cleansing routine.

& we were lucky that we met a really nice man on the beach. he offered to bring us to long bay & devil's bridge. we had a really hard time looking for the bridge.

& the story goes something like, the natives of antigua used to be slaves in the past. so some of them who wanted to escape from that decided to swim back to africa. & the bridge is facing the atlantic ocean or something. so they thought that they could swim back.

and so they jump down the bridge.

& after the trip, we had icecream~


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