sweetest couple ever.

being in weddings, you get to see alot of different type of couples. sometimes we also do renewal of vows where couples come in & renew their vows.

this was a real special couple i think i'm going to remember their names. the lady came in & wanted to have a surprise for her husband.

so on that day, we had him coming down to the location thinking that he was attending a complimentary photoshoot. & then "surprise".

i really enjoyed my time with them when they invited us for their cocktail reception because they started sharing their stories. it's amazing how they give so much to each other & how selfless they are in the relationship.
& this is what i strongly believe what made their relationship so beautiful. through their stories, i could see how much they give to each other. like, the man surprised her for their 25th anniversary to the resort. & on their wedding anniversary day, he laid down a photograph album of their wedding on their coffee table. & on the otherside, she surprised him with a renewal of vows on the beach.
& when they tried to remove & rewear their wedding rings, they couldn't remove it. because they have been wearing it since their wedding.

& they danced to the song by kelly clarkson, a moment like this. & she was from their hometown.

& during their signing ceremony, we played "the prayer". it was such a beautiful song. i found this stunning version in youtube.

the flowers was a funny accident. apparently the orchids we got that day were dyed blue. i think it was the water or something. & in the morning we were complaining to the supplier. but it turned out that many couples liked how the flowers looked.

this napkin is exactly 25 years old. it's in such a good condition. & it was well kept by the lady who decided to use it for the reception. both of them are really sweet, you could see how much they cherish those sweet little moments & memories they had.

i was really glad i could meet them because now i know how such love could exist.

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