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Broadway on my birthday

i met zeph during my bday in ny. we decided to catch a play tgt. so while waiting for the play, we went to shake shack to have some food. i don't really eat burgers, but zeph swears that it has the best burgers ever.

first two days in ny again.

so i didnt sleep the night before my flight to ny from antigua.

when i arrived, place my luggage, and off we go to grab some cupcakes from the cupcake bakeshop. i think i went to somewhere near union square. can't remember.

& after that we went shopping. i was hugging the cupcakes & it melted because it was so hot by the time we got home. & i didn't really eat all the cupcakes because i think i got about a dozen of them.

& then on the second day i went outlet shopping tgt with zeph and his friends. it was quite nice because they drove. so it was quite relaxing & it's always nice hanging out with sporeans.

didn't take pictures because i'm busy shopping & looking out for special deals. heh~

dad called me while i was trying on something & wished me a happy birthday. so i told him that i'm shopping for my birthday presents!

the damage wasn't that great. didn't really spend alot.

red eye fete

the huge outdoor party, huge stage in the middle of the stadium.

& then it had to rain. we were freaking drenched by the end of the party. & what i hated was the muddy waters because the party was on the grass field. my shoes were pretty much dead afterwards & my feet had a layer of mud mask when i went home.

anyway it was quite a crazy party because everyone was dancing like it was carnival. i got stepped on, pushed & it was crazy & messy for a moment.

my last day

had the most beautiful sunset before i left the island.

& a really good italian dinner w larva cake.

chinese food

before the party we had chinese food.

& we also went to the antiguan museum. it's like for kids. but the part about the slaves were quite interesting.

good bye party

it was a party planned for a friend and i because both of us were leaving around the same time. however, i didn't really enjoyed it. maybe because i'm not so much of  a party person.

what i did enjoy was the chicken & my lovely girls.

didn't remember much of that night, i knew i wasn't in a good mood. too bad there wasn't coconut rum. & apparently the drinks ran low halfway.


If I can fly to the sky, If I can use magic. Maybe I can make you always happy…

ボクに空が飛べたなら ボクに魔法が使えたら

キミの気を引く術を… もしもボクが知ってたら…


空なんか飛べなくても 魔法を使えなくても

ボクが月を歩けたら 魚のように泳げたら
夢の国でキミと二人 手をつないで過ごすよ!

精一杯 両手広げ キミに光を送るよ

キレイ事ばかりで キミが不安になれば
遠くても ジャンプしてほらキミに逢いに急ぐよ!

何度も言えないけれど キミを迎えにゆくから
ボクに胸のカギを渡してくれないか? お願い…。

プロポス by: 清木場俊介, kiyokiba shunsuke

simple & lovely song.

美しい曲でしょう。大好きです! この曲を歌う場合、恋に落ちるかも。

unveiling of sandals

it was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of sandals resorts. we had a nice company dinner along w some exhibition by all the revenue making dept. so weddings decided to showcase all the themes that are designed by martha stewart.

i'm really proud to be part of the weddings team because we were able to set it all up within two hours.

& we had to get all six beautifully designed cakes & cupcakes from the kitchen all the way from the other side. wedding cakes are really heavy. so we got drove a car to pick up the cake. there were four of us packed into the back with each of us holding a cake or two on our hands. we had to balance it carefully while the car was driving. alas, one of the cake toppled over. but thankfully it wasn't destroyed.

white fete

white fete, the most anticipated summer party in antigua. it's held every year as a pre fete before the actual carnival in august.

everyone had a great time. love it for it's mixture of soca, r&b, hiphop music.

bbq pool party

the perfect day was follwed by a BBQ POOL party. 
the party was filled with laughter. crazy ideas & non stop picture taking. food was pretty awesome cooked by our mexican chef with mediterranean flavours. i overload myself with the food & sparkling wine.

so after a nap, we went to the supermarket to get ingredients for the bbq.

swimming with the stingrays

ever since i've found out that you could swim with the stingrays, i've been looking forward to the day!
it turned out to be the most perfect day in antigua!
in the morning we called our unofficial taxi man for a ride to the other side of the town. not the most comfortable ride. & i was a lil. taken aback when he told us that we will be going in reverse gear when we are going down the hill because his brake isn't working. omg. the whole time when we were riding on his car, he didn't even use the brakes at all!
anyways, we were still in one piece when we arrived at stingray city! we were brief on the sex of the stingrays, how to do the stingray shuffle, how to not get a hickey. blah blah.

itchy feet!

nightfall at shirley heights,

we enjoyed barbeque chicken & live music by itchy feet.

loved the vibes.

twilight dinner.

with our amazing weddings team, we came up with the best twilight dinner setting ever.

i really like to see the products that we have made after putting in so much effort.

this dinner would cost you 220 usd per couple.

shirley heights

this is a tourist spot in antigua. you could basically see the harbour. too bad we were there on a really cloudy day, so there was not a good sunset.

this picture was taken by my friend when they went up before.

butterfly romance

butterfly romance by sandals antigua.

this was an affair for just four people. they had real butterflies during their ceremony, which was really pretty.