bbq pool party

the perfect day was follwed by a BBQ POOL party. 

the party was filled with laughter. crazy ideas & non stop picture taking. food was pretty awesome cooked by our mexican chef with mediterranean flavours. i overload myself with the food & sparkling wine.

so after a nap, we went to the supermarket to get ingredients for the bbq.

 it is "illegal" to sit behind the truck. so the girls immediately duck in between all our groceries when there was police nearby. & unfortunately due to that, they mashed up an egg!

we had the bbq at one of our friends house. it was such a beautiful house. huge!

it was on a hill & you could see the view of sunset & the houses below by the pool side.

everything is so pretty & i didn't even go see the other rooms in the house. it's like 3 or 4 storeys!

look at his attempt to do the hair flipping action. comical!

i have no idea who took this picture. looks pretty awesome.

& some underwater action!


our own attempt at water ballet.

this was an unplanned picture from the night. 

this was our failed attempt at a hair flipping threesome.

lastly, a group picture of all the interns!


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