Broadway on my birthday

i met zeph during my bday in ny. we decided to catch a play tgt. so while waiting for the play, we went to shake shack to have some food. i don't really eat burgers, but zeph swears that it has the best burgers ever.

because we had more time, we went to m&ms, hersheys & toys r us.

when it was time for the show, we headed towards majestic theatre~

guess which play i decide to watch....


ok, i would choose wicked any other day, but it's so frigging hard to get the tickets, i guess i would probably join the lottery one day. if not, i'll watch it in singapore. anyway even if i do watch it here, i'll probably watch it in sg again since it's cheaper. hahaa.

 we got the rear mezzanine seats, i think it's okay, but some parts of the play got really draggy.

nevertheless, i really enjoyed my first broadway experience in ny!


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