first two days in ny again.

so i didnt sleep the night before my flight to ny from antigua.

when i arrived, place my luggage, and off we go to grab some cupcakes from the cupcake bakeshop. i think i went to somewhere near union square. can't remember.

& after that we went shopping. i was hugging the cupcakes & it melted because it was so hot by the time we got home. & i didn't really eat all the cupcakes because i think i got about a dozen of them.

& then on the second day i went outlet shopping tgt with zeph and his friends. it was quite nice because they drove. so it was quite relaxing & it's always nice hanging out with sporeans.

didn't take pictures because i'm busy shopping & looking out for special deals. heh~

dad called me while i was trying on something & wished me a happy birthday. so i told him that i'm shopping for my birthday presents!

the damage wasn't that great. didn't really spend alot.

oh, & when i got home, it was already pass midnight, so i made the people in the car sing a bday song for me while we were getting through the toll.

o well, turning 22, isn't something to be celebrated...


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