swimming with the stingrays

ever since i've found out that you could swim with the stingrays, i've been looking forward to the day!

it turned out to be the most perfect day in antigua!

in the morning we called our unofficial taxi man for a ride to the other side of the town. not the most comfortable ride. & i was a lil. taken aback when he told us that we will be going in reverse gear when we are going down the hill because his brake isn't working. omg. the whole time when we were riding on his car, he didn't even use the brakes at all!

anyways, we were still in one piece when we arrived at stingray city! we were brief on the sex of the stingrays, how to do the stingray shuffle, how to not get a hickey. blah blah.

we had to take a boat down to the actual area where all the stingrays are!

initally we were quite scared to go down the waters because there were about 20 -30 stingrays swimming around.

& ever so often there will be a sudden push by the stingray trying to swim pass you. they push you hard.

but after awhile you get used to it. & we even attempted to feed the stingrays, hold it and touch it. they are so soft and squishy. there were also other fishes swimming around the area.

the smile of a stingray.

we also met some of the hotel guests which recognised us first. i mean we were loud & screaming all the time when the stingrays touched us. 

after maybe about an hour or two of fun, we headed back. & helped ourselves w the free flow rum punch

so after all the excitement, we went back home, had kfc for lunch & took a little nap to get ready for the night!


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