unveiling of sandals

it was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of sandals resorts. we had a nice company dinner along w some exhibition by all the revenue making dept. so weddings decided to showcase all the themes that are designed by martha stewart.

i'm really proud to be part of the weddings team because we were able to set it all up within two hours.

& we had to get all six beautifully designed cakes & cupcakes from the kitchen all the way from the other side. wedding cakes are really heavy. so we got drove a car to pick up the cake. there were four of us packed into the back with each of us holding a cake or two on our hands. we had to balance it carefully while the car was driving. alas, one of the cake toppled over. but thankfully it wasn't destroyed.

the dinner spread was awesome, i grabbed sushi, quesadillas, prawns etc.
& then desserts were pretty good. i had lots of cookies.

& then there were a bunch of talks from the managers from headquarters. all the employees were pretty hyped and excited throughout the whole talk. it was quite interesting. & it is so much different from in asia or anywhere else in the work. you could pretty much feel a more casual & more family type of relationship between the employees.

& our ceo who i guess is barely 30. & he is a white jamaican. i feel that he gets alot of respect from the staff even though he is young. all the interns also had an opportunity to talk to him after the event.

throughout the dinner there were plenty of people who went up the stage. & even the prime minister of antigua went up. so it was quite interesting. & after, the some of the staff went up to sing a happy birthday song to the founder.

i guess the highlight of the night was the lucky draw event where they giveaway free hotel stays to the staff. pretty good idea. because that way staff would feel rewarded and at the same time in the future they could also recommend guests to stay at other property since they had first hand experience.

& i won 5 nights stay! lucky. still waiting for more updates after i left sandals.

weddings crew.

afterwards, it was a mess, we had to strap the whole weddings booth. & the fondant on the cakes were already melting under the heat. i wanted to bring one home but the state of the cake were really......

& then we headed down to the pub where we chilled, had nachos (even after such a heavy dinner) and had a really nice chat w the ceo.


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