white fete

white fete, the most anticipated summer party in antigua. it's held every year as a pre fete before the actual carnival in august.

everyone had a great time. love it for it's mixture of soca, r&b, hiphop music.

my outfit includes, a neon poppin pink nail polish, white slippers & a cream coloured dress from asos.

everyone was glowing in their white outfits

most of the locals were really looking forward to the event. some even had their outfits planned many months before & some of them got them tailor made.

on the actual day of the party, it got cancelled, & postpone to the week after together with blue jeans fete. so the parties were back to back. two days of partying got me so tired on sunday. & didn't really liked blue jeans although it was much much bigger scale, the music wasn't my liking & there were occasional fights going on throughout the party. in the end the police had to step in to stop the party. so party ended early.


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