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places we missed

because we were spent too much time in hogsmeade, we didn't have time to explore the last remaining land of islands of adventure.

Honeydukes & Zonko's Joke shop

started from zonko's.

candid pictures while running

unfortunately we missed the show by like 3 minutes or less. damn.

& there were a few visitors who also arrived at poseidon after us were rejected entry as well.

but there's a really funny incident.

because 4 of us were running like hell towards poseidon, one of the staff was trying to avoid crashing into anyone of us. so he was dodging in the most comical way possible. since i was the last, i saw the entire incident.

& coincidentally, i took a picture of him! hahahahhahahahhahahaha (i was running & taking pictures the whole time... lmao)

Dinner at Three Broomsticks

Honeydukes at Hogsmeade~

butterbeer at hogsmeade!

i was so excited once we step foot on the wizarding world of harry potter! i've been looking forward every since i knew about it about 2 or 3 years ago!

Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure has to be the bestttttttttt themepark! i'm really biased because i have been waiting for more than 2 years to finally step foot in this park. & it wouldn't have happen if i didnt end my intern early & if zeph is not here.

this park is sooo much better than universal studios.

will split this post into a few parts because the park is so frigging huge & you should at least spend two days in it. we didn't manage to complete the whole park because we only had a day. but i'm sure i'll be back within the next 5 years! hehe.

ET & fireworks

our last ride at universals studios was ET, manage to squeeze in the last last ride. i remember vaguely about that ride when i was younger.

& before u go in, they would give you a 'passport' & ask your name. so at the end, ET would say good bye with your name. so if you have a funny name, ET might not pronounce it properly. i managed to take a few pictures during the ride, but it is really dark inside so many pics didn't turn out too well.

universal studios florida

we woke up early the next day to catch a flight to orlando.

after we left our bags at the reception, we immediately took a taxi down to universal orlando resort!

since it was already midday when we arrived, we quickly grabbed lunch at panda express and headed down to the 'less popular' universal studios florida because there are lesser attractions & rides compared to islands of adventure.

i'm bad at directions.

so after nmnh, the group somehow got separated. so we decided to go visit the holocaust museum.

Pentagon, chinatown, museum of natural history

so while the rest were doing their thing, zeph & i decided to explore other parts of dc & to meet them at the museum after.

anyways, this is going to be a pretty long post. but i do have alot to share!

we went to the pentagon. nothing much, security was really tight. can't really snap any pictures of the pentagon. we were only allowed access to the pentagon memorial.

night walk

washington was so easy to navigate around. it's really quiet at night. not much night life compared to nyc.

just came back.

i just came back from a week of traveling to a few of the national parks in usa. & i love love loved it. i love the parks, & the native american indian culture.

had a freaking tight schedule because i was travelling with a tour group. went to a few states like wyoming, colorado, south dakota, utah. & i dk what else. of course i would love to head back again & would probably do my own driving.

i want to share my 4000 over pictures taken during the week! but then i'm way overdue for my trips to orlando, miami & boston.

till then, imma continue my washington travelogue....

Georgetown D.C.

this is the start of my travels during the last week of july.

first stop was washington. we took a bus from ny chinatown to washington chinatown.

unfortunately after we checked into our hotel, it started to rain. so it was drizzling throughout the afternoon. & that night i caught a cold. anyway, i knew that i'm going to fall sick sooner or later (since i didn't in antigua, i have the habit of falling sick in the first two months whenever i'm in a new country).

so the first place we visited was georgetown. it was such a pretty place. i guess university towns has a certain vibe to it, something from the past. of course, cambridge in london is still the best imo. i haven't had time to blog about my travels in london. i will... soon.... *cross fingers.

working in antigua

this post is largely pictures that i have taken on different occasions.

tapas at Traif

& then, the day after, we went to eat at Traif. It is a really quaint & dark restaurant. they serve tapas kind of food in small servings, so you would have to order a few to fill your stomach up. but its a really nice idea for people who like to try different kinds of food.

max brenner & movie

the day after my bday, we went to catch harry potter at a theatre near union sq. it was a late night show. before the movie we went into max brenner for some chocolates.