butterbeer at hogsmeade!

i was so excited once we step foot on the wizarding world of harry potter! i've been looking forward every since i knew about it about 2 or 3 years ago!

what's the first thing to do when you arrive at hogsmeade?


*slurrpppppp~ yums.

it's really an unexplainable feeling when you get to experience things from a book is created in real life. all the time we have been trying to imagine the taste & sights from the book & this time you can finally taste it!

butterbeer comes in frozen or straight up! i had the frozen one & also tried the straight up. imo, straight up is nicer than frozen. & i also got my butterbeer in the souvenir cup. hehe.

& then to hogsmeade train station, where hogwarts express is 'parked'.

attention to detail is so amazing!

it's a place for lockers. & we left our bags there to queue for the dragon challenge ride.

scenes from the fourth book, goblet of fire is depicted while we were queuing for the ride. oh! & we also saw Weasley's flying car on the way. 

there was barely any queue for the ride, we didn't have to queue more than 10 minutes for our turn. & we took the chinese fireball first which was pretty awesome the climax was when the two dragons almost clashed together. then we took the hungarian horntail which was not as amazing because it just goes in circles leaving me dizzy.

public conveniences.... hahahaha toilet duh...

the design is quite modern although i was hoping that it was designed like moaning myrtle's toilet. but i did hear moaning myrtle when i was in the toilet though. not sure about the boys side. haha.

gringotts bank!

ATM, to get more cash to buy all your HP goodies!

(though, i thought that universal will somehow come up with a ride that features the ride into gringotts bank to the different vaults when WWHP was announced to open.)

Dogweed and Deathcap, herbology shop.

Tomes and Scrolls

Ollivanders Wand Shop

Dervish & Banges

& yes, there is a freaking queue to the shop. we didn't enter the shop till later in the day where there was no more queue.

even so, it was realllllly packed inside. it was difficult to move around.

we tried on robes which cost about 100usd? i would rather buy the replica from HP exhibition, because i tried on the other set of robes during my visit to HP exhibition in nyc, it was of much much much better quality.

monster book of monsters.

sneakoscope, spectrespecs.

omg, i really like the wand set that is seen behind the counters. & u could buy it from warner bros website.

one of the exit from Dervish & Banges will lead you to the Owlery.

Owl Post

more to come. =)


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