Dinner at Three Broomsticks

Honeydukes at Hogsmeade~

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Three Broomsticks!


Flight of hippogriff, didn't take this ride because it's supposed to be a family ride. so i missed out on Hagrid's hut as well.... =(

Hogwarts Castle!

& then we headed towards Hogswarts for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey!

it's like a museum while queuing for the ride because you go through the castle to take the ride. so the wait isn't that long!

the longest wait is probably at the green house where you can see professor sprouts mandrakes. & some other plants hanging from the greenhouse. it was also there when we debated whether the plants were real or fake.

when we went into hogswarts, you could see different statues of the founders of hogswarts & the hogwarts house jewels which keep track of the points.

& then the statue to dumbledore's office. the talking portraits, dumbledore's office & his pensive. to the defence against dark arts room where ron made snow foam.

it was really fun!!! i wished i have taken pictures because i left my bags in the lockers. if i had time i would walk through it again just taking pictures & skipping the ride.

actually, if i had the time, i would take the ride again & again! hahahaha

because it was the BEST! ride ever. i swear. because after going to disneyland the next two days & taking all the thrilling rides, Harry Potter & Forbidden Journey wins hands down.

it's really awesome how they combine all the technology 3d, 4d, real life props. idk how to explain.

it really feels like you are part of it.

& plus the scary parts were really freaky! because there were argog, dragons, dementors & what nots.

after the ride you get directed to Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods & your lockers.

you would also get to view pictures taken of you during the ride.

shopping was terrible here as well because of the number of people. it's also easy for some to do some mischief magic & charms. xx

so after shopping at filch, we went to shop at owl post and Dervish & Banges, which i had blogged about earlier.

By the time we ended shopping at Owl Post and Dervish & Banges, it was already dark.

so we decided to grab some food.

of course, we couldn't pass the chance to dine at Three Broomsticks.

you get to see sirus black wanted poster just outside. & he moves. just like in the movies

The other 4 peeps were already enjoying their dinner when we arrived at Three Broomsticks (they are not as mad as us four, imagine buying a piece of wood for 30 usd?).

The experience at Three Broomsticks was great! Strongly recommend that everyone should dine in there.

& we ordered the Great Feast for four pax.

i was seriously shocked when it came. look amount of meat!

seriously~ it's like a meal for eight! we didn't manage to finish our meal as we were running late for the Poseidon show. & for the taste, it was quite good in fact considering the price & that you are in a theme park. (& maybe because i didn't expect much from themepark food because i didn't have a good meal at universals studios singapore)

because we were running soooooo late for poseidon, we literally ran across Hogsmeade through sinbad's bazzar & to poseidon, hoping that we would make it in time for the show..........


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