ET & fireworks

our last ride at universals studios was ET, manage to squeeze in the last last ride. i remember vaguely about that ride when i was younger.

& before u go in, they would give you a 'passport' & ask your name. so at the end, ET would say good bye with your name. so if you have a funny name, ET might not pronounce it properly. i managed to take a few pictures during the ride, but it is really dark inside so many pics didn't turn out too well.

after the ride ended, there was sounds of explosion, the fireworks just began, so we literally ran towards the fireworks.

so after the fireworks ended, the park closed as well. so there was a large crowd of people heading towards the exit.

when i was walking back, the lights on hollywood were really pretty. too bad we didn't have time to take pictures. one day is enough for universal studios florida. unlike in singapore, i manage explore the park at least twice within a day & left the park at like 5 or 6?

& then we headed towards hard rock cafe at universal citywalk
& then dinner i think. though i don't remember where we ate dinner.


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