i'm bad at directions.

so after nmnh, the group somehow got separated. so we decided to go visit the holocaust museum.

& when we arrived, it was 1/2 hour to close. so there's barely anything to see. we persuaded the security to let us in & he told us to visit daniel's story.

unfortunately the door was LOCKED already. & zeph, sneaked us all into the back door. hahahaa. so we ended up watching a short video & some messages left by children for daniel.

loving the little quotes.

& so we left for the american history museum. by that time, i was exhausted & tired already. don't really remember anything. but we were guessing who was the first president of america. alas, dharma who was nicknamed 'wiki' got it right. both zeph & i guessed wrongly.

there were alot of exhibits. making me sleepy as i was reading it. i had the most fun pretending to be 'president'. afterwards, i simply prop myself onto a bench & waited for the rest.

& then after the museum, we waited outside to meet the rest. & it was a funny incident because all of three us had mistaken the capitol for the white house! so we told the rest the wrong place to meet.

it was until zeph decided to whip out his map to look for a place to buy his luggage that we realised our mistake. it was especially funny for me because the night before i had passed by white house & i didn't remember how it looked like the next day.

the sun was so glaring that they were squinting while taking pictures. haha

& then we took photos in front of the washington memorial, which i thought was the war memorial.

& then to lincoln memorial. & then we went to hardrock cafe & ate at mcdonald in chinatown because we can't find any other restaurants that are open at about 9/10pm in the area....


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