Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure has to be the bestttttttttt themepark! i'm really biased because i have been waiting for more than 2 years to finally step foot in this park. & it wouldn't have happen if i didnt end my intern early & if zeph is not here.

this park is sooo much better than universal studios.

will split this post into a few parts because the park is so frigging huge & you should at least spend two days in it. we didn't manage to complete the whole park because we only had a day. but i'm sure i'll be back within the next 5 years! hehe.

our first stop was the Marvel Super Hero Island!!

look at those girls in bikinis, it was that hot!

& the first ride we took was The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, we queued like forever! it was so hot & i was so happy once we got inside the 'building' with a/c. & then we queued again! damn

that is why i had so so so many pictures!

the ride is similar to the simpsons ride we took at universals studios the day before, but it is a new and improved version with extra effects like fire & mist, smoke, 3d. exciting.

but then i had to sit at the back because those who had sat behind the day before argued that they didn't have a exciting experience compared to the people in front. so...


& then after the ride when we saw that dr doom's fearfall was like 15 mins wait, we quickly rannnnn towards it. actually it was less than that because after walking the maze and whatever, we were whisked into diff groups for the ride.

omg, i wasn't mentally prepared for it!!!

i didn't take any picture of it, but basically it is a space shot ride.

it's my 1st time in my whole life taking a space shot ride. before i took drop tower rides. this is sooooo fun. because you get propelled upwards & downwards. & there's not much anxiety compared to drop tower. so i like this more. hahaha

so after the ride we were heading out, then one of the guy who was working there frighten me! he hid behind the pillars & screamed at me when i was passing by. of course i jumped (not sure whether did i scream) but i know, my adrenaline from the ride was still not over, & he scared meeeeeee! my heart pumped even faster. & the he laughed loudly!!! geeze, thanks for making my trip so memorable... hahahaa

we also conquered the hulk. it opened in 1999! & it was one of the best coasters & was featured in a documentary i think.

anyways, it's not that exciting because after the ride i became dizzy because of all the turns and whatnots. {ショック}

queue was effing long as well.

& every few hours the action heros would appear, xmen, captain america, spiderman will come in this large idk vehicle. i think it's really hilarious everytime they appear. haha

& i really pity spiderman because his suit must be so so so so so hot.

& then we took photos w captain america, because i was standing away from our group when the superheros came, i only saw one of my friend's head bobbing up & down in excitement & following captain america to his 'designated' location for pictures.

we were like 8 people, everyone in their 20s, first in line & hogging captain america for pictures while the rest of the teens & kids were queuing & waiting for real long.

but captain america was real cool & nice.

our next stop was toon lagoon! just pictures, no rides. =(

& then we took Jurassic Park River Adventure.

btw, this picture is zeph taking voldermort's wand & imitating him. haha

we met another 2 of zeph's friends over at the ride & their first stop in the park was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. so they got their merchandise & whatever, we were told that the rides were PACKED & everywhere was people.

& i think one of them got hermione's wand. so gen & zeph were playing w the wand. it was so so so so hilarious, i should have recorded it down. =( & then the rest started saying the spells like accio this, that, killing each other w the curse & whatever. real real funny. people behind & around us must be looking at us thinking that we are retards. hahahaha

not only that, when we were queuing, they were trying to give each other dino names? it was another funny episode altogether la. but i seriously can't remember the nicknames they gave. i knew there was himbosauraus?

so ten of us fit perfectly in the first and second row. nice. i prepared myself by wearing my leopard cape, but the cap got blown away.

anyway i took this ride when i was 10? when i first came to the states. got really traumatised by dinos & the ride.

& now i am still afraid, once we entered the part where the carnivorous dinos had escaped, i closed my eyes & didn't see a thing! (& i did the same for the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in singapore...)

& when i knew it was the end because i knew that there was a t-rex at the end, can hear & it left a mark on my childhood.

so i immediately open my eyes...

lifted my hands up.



anyway i don't understand why do the pictures cost soooo much. i think it was like 25 usd? that's why people would take picture w their camera from their screen.

if they could sell the soft copy for 5/10 dollars, i would have bought it. imagine how much money they could have earned.

i would have bought every picture of the rides i took because i was always ready for pictures! hehehehe. i will show you more later.

seriously didn't take many pictures at each of the themed lands. because if you really stay in each land & take pictures i think you would spend at least half a day in it because each land is sooooo beautifully designed & then there is the queue.

i shall stop at dinoland first because this post is getting too long.

& also because the next post is going to be even LONGER!

anyways, please look forward to my next post. i'm really excited about it because i'm a huge harry potter fan. not crazy maniac, but fanatic enough {ラブラブ}. i really wanted to show almost every picture i took.


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