Pentagon, chinatown, museum of natural history

so while the rest were doing their thing, zeph & i decided to explore other parts of dc & to meet them at the museum after.

anyways, this is going to be a pretty long post. but i do have alot to share!

we went to the pentagon. nothing much, security was really tight. can't really snap any pictures of the pentagon. we were only allowed access to the pentagon memorial.

filming crew were there as well. looking at the logo, sbs, i guess it's the korean broadcasting coy.

date & time when the tragedy struck. for me, i didn't remember much. i was watching some japanese drama w my mom when it was interrupted by the news of 911.

each of the 184 benches has it's own name & arranged according to victim age. & those if there are more than 1 member who died, their family names are also engraved under the bench, in addition to their individual benches.

& then we head to chinatown for lunch, with no idea what to eat, we went to potbelly.

& then we took the train to the national museum of natural history to meet the rest.

some lil. facts, the museum of natural history was featured in the movie night at the museum 2, along w other smithsonian museums.

i enjoyed myself.

& of course the museum houses the Le bleu de France/ Hope diamond. the current setting is quite chic but i do prefer it's original design.

i think i spent to most time in this exhibition. i probably took every photo of each jewels. here are some.

cullinan blue diamond necklace  & the diamond earrings of marie antoinette

the gems are pretty hard to capture on camera because of all the lights that are reflecting from it.

Petersen Tanzanite Brooch pictured below

Marie-Louise Diadem, it used to be emerald until it was removed & sold. then van cleef & arpels mounted turquoise to replace the emerald.

Napoleon Diamond Necklace which was also given to Marie-Louise.

Hall sapphire and diamond necklace, on the left. it is made of 36 sapphires (195 carats) & 435 diamonds (84 carats)!

on the right, Bismarck Sapphire.

sparkle sparkle. best shot of this diamond, it's so sparkly that my eyes hurt.

although these diamonds and jewels are so pretty, i can't help but think about the price that people paid. the hope diamond is thought to be 'curse' w a dark history of death and fate that followed its owners.

i was reading articles about the diamond trade in zimbabwe. & it's really interesting. it's literally blood diamonds resulted from greed.

click here & here. this one made me so freaking pissed off by the ignorance of the rich.

& then after it was the exhibition of the raw minerals which was really awesome.

after that we rushed to the insect gallery trying to look for the tarantula spider. there was also free entrance to the live butterfly exhibition every tuesdays. i was there on a tuesday! but then, it was already too late to queue for it. damn.

but then we saw other insects. grrrrrr. felt really weird after that.

bees, can move in & out from here.

& then we saw skulls & what not.

& thats about it for the museum of nat hist. we moved on to other museums & sightseeing. we only had a day in dc. so our itinerary was quite packed, couldn't really take our own time to look at each museums.

anyways, i didn't think that i was a museum person. so it was a pleasant surprise that i did like it.


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