universal studios florida

we woke up early the next day to catch a flight to orlando.

after we left our bags at the reception, we immediately took a taxi down to universal orlando resort!

since it was already midday when we arrived, we quickly grabbed lunch at panda express and headed down to the 'less popular' universal studios florida because there are lesser attractions & rides compared to islands of adventure.

i can't believe i conquered this ride. i didn't want to take this ride because it is so freaking scary. look at the vertical part......

because everyone was up for the ride & i didn't want to be a bummer (& we are 8 people altogether). so i decide to take the ride. the queuing part was the most awful part because i was soooooo nervous. it didn't help when you hear people screaming. & when it was about our turn, the ride had to 'break down'. i think that we were queuing for at least an hour and half. so we decided to wait. it was a nervous half hour wait, my hands were cold!!!

but i'm so glad i took it, immediately after the ride i wanted to take it again. but we didn't because we had other rides to complete.

i really like this ride, most exciting out of universal studios. you get to choose a song from a list to play when you are on the ride. i chose kanye west's stronger. so much adrenaline throughout the ride, & w the music. woooooo~

btw this is just half of the ride.

while we were busy taking pictures, the rest were queuing for food. they bought a freaking huge drumstick.

& this was the last ride of our 'day', simpsons ride. it's like in a simulator but so so so much more exciting. it's 3d i think on a huge screen like in an imax theature. i was sitting in the front row so it was more exciting than the people behind us. it was dark when the ride ended.


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