astronaut & 9 countries

our first ride was Mission:SPACE.

it is to simulate astronaut training to mars. my thoughts on the ride, is that it felt pretty real. the design of the capsule really realistic just that graphics weren't that good.

anyways, i'm not cut out to be an astronaut.

some advise for this ride. please do not ride it if you get motion sickness easily.

if you are not a 'tea cup' ride kind of person, do not ride it!!! because in order to produce the g-force felt during the launch of the ride, i think the ride goes in crazy circles.

they even have barf bags available for you in front of your seats.

& this ride made me really sick for the next hour or so...

& immediately after this ride i went to take the 'test track' ride.

after the ride we went to tour the world showcase. there's a total of 11 countries & it's damn huge!

our first stop was MEXICO!

& then we took a ride. it's similar to it's a small world in magic kingdom.

& then to norway, the land of vikings. hahaha.

at akerhus, you could dine w the disney princesses. omg i want... =(

when they were wearing the headgear, i was wondering why is it that the ones that zeph wore were much smaller. hahaha then i realised the size difference between the male & female versions.

btw, the stores are mostly manned by staff from their own countries, so most of the staff i see in norway were norwegians.

really made me nostalgic about the time i visited norway....

don't worry, i'll be back to see the northern lights & fjords. hahaha

to china~

& the next country is DEUTSCHLAND! 

my by far the most favourite country! ich liebe deutschland. 

i wanted to grab some bratwurst but was unsuccessful. 

weinachten is basically christmas in germany. i really wanted to explore germany & i thought i had enough time, but i didn't in the end. =(

my hope, my dream to travel the romantische strasse. (& damn i didn't try to look for any miniature neuschwanstein castle.)

but first, i want to visit the fairytale road, then the romantic road.

& schiesse, didn't manage to meet snow white & 7 dwarfs too... =(

to italy~

which is mostly venice themed, Saint Marks Square.


to Japan~

& uk & canada

even the trees are native to the countries.

the last four countries were pretty rushed. took the photos while running because we were almost late for our Soarin' ride. which we took fast pass before.

didn't take pictures of morroco & neither france..

& when i was running past morroco, i saw princess jasmine & aladdin! really was torn to make a decision...... sad.....

& plus the ride wasn't that fantastic. glad we didnt have to queue 1 hour for it because there was a huge line.


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