Disney World: AK dinoland, safari & yeti

Didn't expect the dinosaur ride at dinoland to be so friggin scary. i think it's even scarier than jurrasic park ride in universals.

we shared a turkey leg over here. it was so good. & while we were eating & walking a lady asked us where we got the turkey from. & it's from DINOLAND. big legs for big eaters.~

even fire extinguishers are so colourfully painted.

& then we went back to nepal again

to take the everest ride. the feeling of skipping queues is so fantastic. haha.

the ride was quite scary as well because there's yetis hidden. & the rollercoaster runs backwards at some point.

& after that we went for the safari

our safari guide.

love this photo the most!

took a photo of zeph sleeping during the safari ride.

& before we left animal kingdom, we went a lil shopping at island merchantile. saw leopard minnie mouse ears which i didn't see yesterday at epcot. was contemplating to buy or not. but decided against it.

spent the longest time in animal kingdom. but we still missed some of the attractions. as we didn't have enough time, we rushed to hollywood studios after that.


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