Disney World: Animal Kingdom

we decided to complete 3 disney parks in a day. it was crazyyyy! we started from 8am to like almost 1am? & the next day half of us were heading to miami & the other to LA. & we had to pack?

anyways i would probably not attempt to do that if i had a choice, i'm usually a person who likes to take my time, taking pictures, queuing.... & i'm one who would take all the rides even those kiddy ones (except teacups).

so our strategy, get fast pass for all the thrilling rides for the parks in order to save time queuing. it worked. we took every thrilling ride in all the 3 parks.

started off with disney animal kingdom.

being at animal kingdom feels like being at the zoo.

africa themed

is it a proposal/contrail?

took pictures with lilo & stitch. omg they are so so so freaking cute!! the experience was the best ever!

lilo loved my heart shaped shades.  & she played with it for a while. adorable..

my outfit matches lilo & stitch perfectly.

this picture has a story behind it. stitch was apologizing to the camera woman. & it was because he stole zeph's fast pass!!!! hahaha

& stitch was almost running away when he got caught. stitch wanted to take the ride. SOOOOO CUTE!!!

donald's grumpiness always cheers me up!

asia, mostly nepal themed.

mount everest just behind.

& then we caught a 3d show. it's tough to be a bug.


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