Disney World: Hollywood Studios

our stay at hollywood studios was really short and i believe it has the best rides out of all disneyworld themeparks.

feels like universal studios.

& our first ride was rock & rollin coaster. it was amazing that we didn't have to put our bags into lockers. just put it on the floor. & the rides actually overturn a couple of times.

they sell mickey shaped caramelised apples inside!

trying to take a picture holding the balloons by myself. but the guy won't let me because he feared that i'll let go. so he's just hiding behind the balloons.

high school musical? they were performing under the really hot sun.

american idol. it's really like the show. damn cool. we even get to vote.

PIXAR STUDIOS. awwww. didn't have time..

Ariel, my favorite disney princess. i guess she might be the reason why i'm so in love with red hair.

Twilight tower of terror, best ride in disneyworld. you could hear screaming everytime the 'door' opens.

the boy beside me was so scared since the beginning of the ride. haha.

& just like other rides, our bags are left on the floor as we plunge 13 floors down. & there's just a seat belt with no other 'protection'. so while the rest of us were doing hand signs & what so ever, d was hugging & protecting the a's bag. lol


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