Disney World: Magic Kingdom

disneyland is the most magical & happiest place on earth. {キラリ}

watch this video & look at the reaction of lily when she knew that she was going to disneyland. PRICELESS.

my ticket! wanted minnie, but they ran out of it. but mickey is great as well.

we had to take a ferry across the lake to get to magic kingdom.

far far away.

greeted by magic when we enter.

the parade was about to end when we arrived.

along main street. & dark clouds looming. was so afraid that it might rain. but it didn't!

Walt Disney, Mickey & Cinderella Castle inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle, which i visited last year.

btw, i suspect the line thing that you see in pictures is for the fireworks performance at night when tinkerbell flies from the castle.

enjoying my mickey waffle while i watch the princesses & disney characters dance in front of cinderella's castle.

ok, sorry, i dont mean to side track. but this chinese guy who is dancing really reminds me of jokwon from 2am.

so attracted by this little snow white. so happy & pretty. sigh~


& after the show we went to haunted mansion. a ride which i really wanted to take because i wanted to recapture my memories as a child when i took this ride.

the ride was cute, & we queued for a long long time. & i got really freaked out when a head popped out & i screamed. like seriously embarassing.


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