we took a bus ride from orlando to miami.

it was evening by the time we arrived at miami. so we had dinner at TGIF & then head down to nikki beach.

so these pictures from the next day.

lunch was really good.

shopped along lincoln road mall.

had this orgasmic ice cream, freshly made. i love coconut icecream, & this is coconut w choco bits. you can also taste a lil. coconut shreds in it.

& to the really huge south beach! where i met with felicia~

of course i do miss our lil. spot along dickenson bay in antigua.

& then we had dinner at katana. best dinner out of the whole road trip. sushi freshly made by a japanese chef, floating on little boats instead of belts which we see in sg.

we ate alot!

view from the hotel.


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