Spaceship Earth

after soarin' we took the spaceship earth inside epcot's iconic sphere.

you get to see how human civilisation started & all, & u answer a series of question.

then they build your future.

it was hilarious.

each of us had different futures animated on our screen. hahahaa i kept laughing non stop.

after the ride we went back to the world exhibition. & to the japanese pavilion for dinner.

& the fireworks show started right after dinner. actually it started when i was trying to buy some green tea icecream.

throughout the show we were standing at the pagoda. where we got really good view of the whole show. without any people blocking us because we were elevated. anyways we got chased after the show.

italy at night

germany at night.

& back to the sphere. omg, i love my camera's colours.

anyways epcot is not exciting compared to other themeparks we have been to. the rides aren't thrilling if you are a thrillseeker. a couple of times i caugh G sleeping during the rides. haha. it's more of a place where u get 'educated' on cultures & human innovations. & to take really nice pictures. hehe.


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