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Crazy Horse Dream.

Crazy horse was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota, the icon of native american tribes.

stopover at wyoming.

everyday we would set off early even before the sunrises & we would travel for miles & miles & miles on the bus. its really difficult to travel around the states without a car.

Colorado State Capitol

Colorado state capitol w a gold plated dome.

torn & tattered . denver .

pictures of denver. where we stopped for an hour or two.

we went to tattered cover. a bookstore w a history of over 40 years. i love books. i love libraries & wooden shelves. i like how the covers and paper feels. but technology is slowly replacing all of these...

Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver

Creation Ship Stage ROCK.

i went for a tour for about a week to the national parks in US. went to a couple of states, like colorado, wyoming, south dakota, idaho, utah. like all tours, i didn't have the luxury of time. but anyways, i made some really pretty pictures.

& in the first day, it rained. rained. & rained when i arrived at colorado airport.

plagued. with. rain. 雨の妖精。

shopping trips w mom

normally when mom's off, we would usually go on shopping trips. i dont really take alot of pictures while shopping. most of the time we would go to macys or century21. sometimes to bloomingdales. macys and century21 are much more affordable & offer great discounts!

just pictures of boston.


MIT Harvard.


The Breakers, Newport Mansions

raindrops keep falling on my head...



& i'd forgotten. bubbles, they burst.

those bubbles are not there for eternity, i just thought they will burst once i'm ready. i've just been looking at the rainbows on the bubbles.

changes scares people. people resist change. uncertainty it brings cripples my heart.
& when you think i might be brave during the past two years. i'm not. it's much easier to do whatever i was doing before than to come back home.

home sweet home.

i'm finally back home, landed last night at changi airport & was greeted by meiqing, jw & stephanie.

mq gave me a dozen of cupcakes from & recieved flowers from jw & steph.

the cupcakes were so adorable! & i popped 3 of them into my mouth after taking the pictures.