Crazy Horse Dream.

Crazy horse was a Native American war leader of the Oglala Lakota, the icon of native american tribes.

as we entered into the monument, we walked through a museum that displays the native american culture, from paintings, models, pictures. etc etc.


scale model of the projected area. they dream to build a educational centre around the crazy horse. pretty awesome when i saw an artist rendering of the area.

beads & more beads.

i love dream catchers. i got my first dream catcher on my 16th birthday! & i kept it since. Bought another one during my trip as well.

i really like the native american culture, so deeply rooted to earth and all living things. they are also a closely knitted community. & i like that they have kept alot of their cultures & beliefs till today. 

pretty awesome pendants that is entirely carved on coins. yes. real american quarters, pennies etc. i loved it so much that i bought one for keeps.

this is a model of the projected completed piece of crazy horse statue. & as it was started since 1948, 53 years down the road, 2011, only the face of crazy horse can be seen. so it is definitely far from completion & its probably not going to be during my time.

once it is completed, it is going to be the world largest sculpture! much much bigger than mt rushmore. the most amazing part about it is that it does not receive any government funding. native american pride man!

stone that you could bring home. seriously it's too huge! & u have to 'donate' a small amount.

 anyway it was a good way for tourist to 'clear your junk' & earn money at the same time!


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