shopping trips w mom

normally when mom's off, we would usually go on shopping trips. i dont really take alot of pictures while shopping. most of the time we would go to macys or century21. sometimes to bloomingdales. macys and century21 are much more affordable & offer great discounts!

anyways, if you meet my mom and i. please tell her that we both look like sisters. she'll be really flattered even though she'll deny it. hahaha.

i always wanted a ballerina tulle. but my mom thinks i'm childish lah.

my outfit when we went shopping at bloomingdales. one of the salesperson complimented on it & asked where i bought it. CENTURY21!

my mom was wearing my top.... we share clothes & sometimes shoes.

one of our buys. my mom bought a tokidoki BLUE mascara from sephora...... so hip right.


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