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Dear 2011

Dear 2011,

I woke up this morning feeling at my worst. I didn't want you leave so quickly. I laid in bed for 2 hours hoping to get over it. But till now, the feeling's still there. Time is definitely fleeting away & the more I want to grasp hold of time, the faster it fades. Sorry 2011, I didn't cherish you as much I would love to.

There are so many things I wanted to achieve with you. & many that I didn't. it wasn't that i'm too ambitious,

I'm just uncertain how 2012 would be like. Hopefully she'll not disappear as quickly as you.

ying ying

Mormon Church

we stopped at utah and visited the mormon temple.

Jackson Hole

there was a carnival happening in town when we were there.

Grand Teton


collection of thoughts.


yellowstone lake


sunrise at yellowstone nat park

that morning, i ran with all my might.


quaint little tourist towns.

has the oddest stuff that i would love to bring home.


if you look carefully, my cheeks were sunburnt at the end of the day. & it was more burnt on my right than my left, sun was always shining on my right during the bus ride. how unlucky.

unstable ground boiling water.


Prism Spring

love how the spring is multicoloured due to the bacteria activity in the waters.

& the pictures all turned out beautiful.

old faithful

old faithful geyser. the most popular geyser visited by tourist since it's really predictable when the geyser is going to erupt & it's within +-10mins of the time. while the rest of the geyser could be off hours or days for stipulated time.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

& next, we went to the yellowstone falls at the grand canyon of yellowstone.

there are so many waterfalls in yellowstone, we had time to only visit the most significant one. obviously, it's packed with tourists armed with cameras.

Mammoth Hot Springs

i enjoyed yellowstone very much, i could see how powerful and amazing mother nature is. the sights were breathtaking. i would do it all over again, if i had a chance & doing it free & easy, with a car. i would definitely camp overnight & see wild animals. i'm glad that the park is being protected. i couldn't imagine it being developed into a hot spring resort or energy companies coming in to tap on the geothermal energy.

For the benefit & enjoyment of people.

on the fourth day of my travels, i've finally arrived at yellowstone national park!!!

wheeeee. i've been looking forward.

Kings Saddles

i want a horse!

toilet breaks.


road trip

pictures from the bus while on the road.