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cafes in seoul; hello kitty cafe

because the hello kitty cafe is right smack on hongdae, it was one of our must go list for our cafes.

when you enter, its a full load on of PINK. PINk everywhere! 

It's a two storey cafe and we wanted a quiet area so we snugg behind a small area. 

we wanted to order desserts but i think the waffles that we wanted are out of stock. so we had green tea latte and coffee instead.

they came in adorable hello kitty designs. too cute to drink!!

seoul; best pasta & pizza cafe ever!

b3 loves pasta and we chanced upon a petite restaurant near our place. & we decided to head in for lunch one day.

it was really a treasure! the restaurant feels very much like a home & the dishes are all freshly made and cooked, from the kneading of the pizza dough! we ordered sweet pumpkin pizza and mushroom cream pasta.

we were so happy with the food that we decided to drop by the following day! though it wasn't opened to our dismay... so we came again the following day! haha it's not often that we decide to eat at a place more than once! the food is really good!!

we had complimentary soup! it was yummy!

cafes in seoul; bean tree cafe

after we left everland, we had dinner at hongdae and dropped by bean tree cafe for chats and drinks. it was halloween and there was people dressed in outfits and all since it's a party area as well. quite happening as we looked out from the cafe windows.