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last day /

three weeks before i left, i had to send some of my stuff back. packing as a horror.

we went around 5th ave. passed ny library as well..

2nd trip to traif.

Traif was much much brighter this time ( more than 3 months ago) when i went. same thing, it was packed with people. luckily we were there early.

it was a last minute decision & i had to search it up.

4.5 stars ok!   they always give a small sake cup of soup.  

central park

i wished autumn was nearer. unfortunately, it wasn't even close. sigh...............


visited east village in manhattan, the vibe was much different. more indie & hippie. i like. and the people were dressed in preppy styles. maybe because nyu is so near? i always find that university towns always have people who are dressed in the most unique styles.

madam tussauds

when i was at new york, i manage to visit the madam tussauds museum as well. it was my first time to a wax museum. it didn't particularly interest me when i went to europe. (there was one almost in every major city)

so here are the pictures from that faithful day.

wild reindeers.

after apple picking, we lunched at tiramisu. an italian restaurant.

i love those lil. xmas lightings, makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.


pump pump pump. ^^^

the pumpkins were so heavy. & it was almost time for halloween. i wish they had a little hut, & then it would be like hagrid's pumpkin patch.

all kinds of apples.

last year autumn, i had a chance to go to lawrence apple farm. it was such a wonderful experience. we were so lucky because it was drizzling in the morning. & by the time we arrived at lawrence, the rained stopped.

& there weren't any other visitors to the farms. hehe. so my mom and i went a lil crazy picking the apples likes crazy.

thought catalogue x swallow your feelings

Swallow your feelings. Scoop them neatly and don’t let them spill or leave a stain. Chew them quickly - don’t savor them -; just long enough to make them an unrecognizable mush before pushing them down to be dissolved in the acid below. Start small, just the ones you can handle: sadness when someone dies in a movie, anger at tech support. Those are the ones that make sense, that go down smooth.
Others are harder to swallow, the complex, multi-course meals made of layer after layer of uncertainty and guilt, warring flavors of disbelief and longing to believe, fear of getting what you want and fear of losing what you never had. It’s okay if you can’t choke them down right away, if they get stuck halfway and leave a lump in your throat, if they make you sick and some of them leak out through your eyes and nose or burst out of your mouth when you least expect it. It happens to the best of us. You just have to build up a tolerance. Consume them little by little, and before you know it, yo…

buffalo bill


run run run

everything's going well! there's no time for me to be an otaku.

but natsume yuujinchou was quite good. =x

delicate arch

if i had the whole day i'll definitely trek around the park & camp at night to see the stars.

arches national park

rocks, stones, sand, rocks. because of the unique landscape, we experimented with many camera effects.

bingham canyon mine

the deepest open pit mine.

Salt Lake

a really salty lake.

Utah Capitol, Beehive state.

Early Mormon settlers have been described as having carried "swarms of bees" with them. & hence you could see emblems of beehive in their designs. It represents virtues that they respected from the settlers qualities of industry, perseverance, thrift, stability and self reliance.

within, its beautifully furnished with marble & pretty mural paintings on the dome. i like how the murals depict history of the earlier settlers.

new year resolutions.

new beginnings.

these are some simple rules that i've lived & some that i aim to become.

never bottle up your feelings when it bothers you; chances are you will probably not be happy. never hide it & suffer in silence. so if you are hurting, speak up. dont blabber on and on ;unless it's some that you really cannot overlook. say the right things at the right time.

so consider before you speak, if it's something that could be easily overlooked, don't say it if it hurts. by putting yourself into someone else shoes, you might be closer to understanding why that someone did what they did.

don't harm someone on purpose just because they hurt you by accident. 

so if i've hurt someone please tell me! i would not want hurt someone intentionally. (ok, actually i do, if that person hurts me on purpose. & i'm gonna change that.)
anyways, nobody should ever take someone else happiness just because they are unhappy. seriously why should anyone do that.