2nd trip to traif.

Traif was much much brighter this time ( more than 3 months ago) when i went. same thing, it was packed with people. luckily we were there early.

it was a last minute decision & i had to search it up.

4.5 stars ok!  
they always give a small sake cup of soup.  

i forgot what's this, it was a small portion way way way smaller than what i've imagined.

i think the best thing over there is their scallops. i forgot what sauce they put in this time, i think i prefer the corn version that i had the other time

i like their salad as well.

love the lights.

another must try, their sweet potato fries, i'm a huge sweetpotato/pumpkin lover! haha this was their sliders, i've never tried before. heard it was good though. i dont take beef.

strawberry pork ribs. not exceptional. i think the way asian cook pork is better.

duck. can't remember how it taste like.

pretty mom.

key lime pie was gooooood. i like. mom didn't

i dont remember the name, it had peanut butter, chocolate, caramel or whatever. tooo sweet for me. but mom liked it.


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