madam tussauds

when i was at new york, i manage to visit the madam tussauds museum as well. it was my first time to a wax museum. it didn't particularly interest me when i went to europe. (there was one almost in every major city)

so here are the pictures from that faithful day.

Mr. Taxi.

like the hat.

some of the figures looks pretty real and some looked fake.
whoopi goldberg looks freaking real. she scares the hell out of me.

decided to pose a single lady pose together with beyonce. SLA FTW! {ドキドキ}

mirrors and loads of mirrors. reminds me of Yayoi Kusama 草間 彌生 fireflies in water. i really want to see that art.

this guy spooked me out when he opened the door. i screamed like a sissy.

mom looks seriously out of place......


anderson cooper is really very attractive..


looks freaking real. i was so afraid that she would move when i was taking this picture.

my leopard nails.

Spice girls wannabe. :p

& when i saw superman, i literally jumped & pointed that to my mom like i'm a 10 year old. it was so embarrassing because one of the staff saw me......

at the end of the museum, we browse some of the gifts. nothing impressive though.

& after the museum i decided to try my luck with wicked's lottery ticket. so we walked from the museum along 42nd street.

my favourite american show.

it wasn't as much people as i've expected since school have already started. however, we weren't lucky enough. :(

& so we headed to f21 for a shopping spree. mom and i just literally threw items and items into our bags. at the end we had 2 shopping bags full of apparel that we didn't even bother trying (because of the freaking queue) & we paid and left.

& suay suay. there was an interruption for our train. apparently, from what i've heard, there was a person who committed suicide on the train tracks. so there were many stranded at queensboro. damn. by the time we got back, i was so burned out and hungry.


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