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passion slave.

thou hast been...
a man that Fortune's buffet and rewards
has taken with equal thanks.... give me that man
that is not passion's slave, and I will wear him
in my heart's core, aye, in my heart of hearts
as I do thee...

x sophrosyne x temperantia

- hamlet

the goal is balance, not emotional suppression: every feeling has its value and significance.
life without passion would be a dull wasteland of neutrality, cut off and isolated from the richness of life itself.

- Daniel Goleman

eden's cafe

i like how clement, the chef cooks up dishes that comes right from his garden. though facing with the escalation of rental prices, i guess it would be hard for this kind of f&b concept to work in singapore. i heard that he is planning to move to malaysia or something. it was quite nice that he spoke to us during our meal and shared with us. quite a simple and easy going person.

lil. xmas decors.


i had mushroom pasta, love the sauce though i find that the pasta is overcooked.

the dessert was really good.  & they are famous for it.

more bokeh fun.

we had a nice place playing with bokeh effects with our 1 year & half oly EPL1, i'm a huge supporter of the olympus pen series or rather micro 4/3s from pana & oly (fuji's coming out w a pretty one as well). heh.

to start off,
some pictures of the light decors around orchard road.

nat shoe was gorgeous.

& the bokehs from my cam. we didn't even use special lens or what. just the kit lens.

here's me outside ion.

marmalade pantry x 2

marmalde pantry is located at level 3 ion. it's a pretty nice place. i've never ventured above ground level at ion so i didn't know about this place until nat brought me over there.

the red date puddin is really good. better than the one at ps cafe!

this cashew thingy whatever bread thingy is also gooooddd.

& the next week we went back tgt w ashley since we were around the area. i would love to try their main dishes. somehow i always didn't have a chance to try.

bokeh fun x PS cafe

first, some bokeh fun at orchard road w all the xmas lights.

i brought ws and annette to PS cafe at ann siang yet again. the vibe at night was pretty cool. there were many people. tried the red date puddin and butterscotch chocolate cake or something. sinful but oh so good.

after that i went to ECP, it was soooo freaking late at night & settled down at burger kings. had a realllllyyyyy long talk & i really enjoyed myself. i miss you, 13!