SLA outing

it was way before xmas when we met last year. it was like more than 2 months ago. met at some restaurant near raffles stn. & i had to navigate w Val. both of us were really bad with directions. it took us some time & effort to read the maps. in the end we decided to ask an uncle for help....

the food was not bad for the price we paid. i prefer the sides though. but there's nothing special about it.

after dinner we had to decide on where to go for desserts. we walked all the way to ann siang form here.

ann siang at night has a pretty nice vibe.

tried to check out PS cafe but it was CLOSED.

so we decided to have desserts at Le Chocolat instead

& during desserts we had a gift exchange! it wasn't pre planned or anything. it was just nice that everyone had something to give to each other. so at the end everyone had something to bring home. it was much fun. SLA peeps always make me feel so warm and tingly & shimmigy inside.

guess what was inside the mystery packet?

lovely softies handmade by nat....

the most amazing part is that she included a description for each of the softies that she made. i pick owl!

the note reads: Owl is a muddlehead but everyone loves her. She is sweet, silly and an avid fan of western astrology. She likes to sit on people's heads though we have advised her not to do so several times.


sweet life. =)


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