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khao san at bangkok

khao san is really very happening. the nightlife is unlike the one we find in sg. i really liked the vibe. i was so immerse with everything that i think i went into my 'own' dimension. just keep snappingmy camera away!

there were so many locals over there making a living, selling a huge array of stuffs!



even fake IDs! so cool.

we tried this 'mass' massage area. it was good considering it was my first time doing any kind of massage, i didn't have anything to benchmark with. Felt so good after that.

& then there's a crepe stall. love her crepes that we ended buying another one!

this guy just winked at my camera so i managed to take a fast shot.

we bought the tastiest pad thai we had for our whole thailand trip. & it was in khao san!

dinner at fuji.

was stuffed during dinner. 

after dinner we did manicure! it was such a pretty store. & the owner's husband was nice. he was helping his wife to tend the shop that day. 

here is ash's sapphire ring which she bought earlier that day.

our pretty fingers.

i'm very satisfied with my design which is snowflake inspired. 

after that we decided to hop on a cab toward khao san, apparently it's where all the night life and action is!
the lightings was unbelievable over there. it's sooooo bright. the lighted the whole streets and the trees just dangled with sparkles. soooo pretty.

my first attempt!

i can't believe that i've spent the past five hours or so making this vector!! gosh it's tough! not exactly satisfied with it though.

anyways happy friday!

happy friday eve

still waiting x x x x 


On our third day, we set off to chinatown. it's another huge place! & it's never ending. keep discovering things that i didn't know that i wanted.

first thing, we arrived at chinatown & eat! we were so hungry that we settled down at some weird alley. of course our two atas friend couldn't really finish eating & maybe because the rice is a lil. different from what we were used too.

nevertheless i still enjoyed my food! hehe.

pig ears! that noone touched except me.

i didn't touch this veggie, anchovies thingy.

the som tam is soooooooo good.

then we head to another part.

mango salad! hmmmm~ yums

chinatown is full of whimsical stuffs. there's so many party stuff at a very very affordable prices. gosh, i really shopped alot of rubbish! hehe.

after shopping like forever, i still wanted to continue shopping but it was getting late alrdy and we had decided to head to the mall to have food since the couple didn't really had a filling brunch. so tuktuk h…