chatuchak market

i love shopping at chatuchak market. it's so huge that we only manage to uncover half of it.

we had a yummilicious breakfast before we set off. the tom yam was the best we had during our four days stay.


khao pad!

we took the tuktuk, & we were wondering why was it ridiculously cheap. & then we realised that they brought us to the gem manufacturing factory.... & they get free petrol by bringing people there.

& by the time we reached chatuchak market, it's already a little over noon or so. there's seriously not enough time to shop around! i had to whip out my ninja moves!

& then some popsicles to stay cool in the hot weather.

& then more squeezing and shopping! wheeeeeee

& this is nat acting like a japanese tourist! lol

i like eating this sweet treats. got this from the roadside stalls for about 25 baht i think. they are soooo adorable.


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